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No..were not talking SUV’s..but rather the light feathered ones.  This morning while we were drinking our morning maple cappuccinos, we caught just a peek at one hovering by the feeder cap.  The feeder caps hang out all winter and allow us to know when the birds return.  Before heading out to work I filled up one of the feeders and put it out.

Two weeks ago we had four and a half feet of snow…its been melting and the mud season is upon us once again.  There are a few areas in the yard where it is drifted a few feet high still, and others were the grass is peeking up from the winter dirt + debris.  After such a mild winter we were not ready for the cold and with the wood pile being gone its a bummer that the cold has returned.  I had the slider open yesterday while making dinner and the sun was great…today its bit cooler still with some high haze above.  The 4+ feet of snow will help our drought conditions of years past and it was neat to see the multitude of greys the snow created as it covered the reservoir.  The ice had been gone prior to the snow and the swirls and cloud like effects were stunning to see.

We took the girls to the ranch for spring break but the weather was still a bit chilly…windy and we got snowed on. The girls seemed to enjoy the open space, and I found an elk antler, a first for me.  Another first was seeing the wild horses on the way back home.  Tori and I are planing to head back down for the memorial day weekend, maybe get some footers dug for the cabin.  I should send an email to Gil, so he can work on getting the road cut to the edge of our land.  Tori and I can start pulling sagebrush to snake a road back to the cabin site.  It will be a working weekend for sure.

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