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This is a Quick post in response to a recent posting on the Tiny House Blog.

The inside is nicely finished with a small kitchen area, bath and Gas Wood stove. The great thing about staying here is the nightly fee includes access to the natural hot springs.

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Just watched a little video  clip on our consumer based society.  You can view it here.


This movie should be played to every elementary school aged child on the planet each year until they graduate. Then as they transition into the “economy” they should have a balanced view for sustainability.

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New Family Member

Greta (aka Monkey Face) is settling in with her new foster home, she is a rescue from a Puppy Mill.  Cracky is now not the smallest dog in the house.

Greta  (aka Monkey Face with Cracky)

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Just as I was pulling out of the post office today, I saw a large bus pulling in to the parking area at Barker Meadows.  The front of the bus, had painted graphics of fur above the windows and the back had a large wolf picture. I turned around and went to investigate. Inside, I meet Dennis Weber, just returning from the east coast with a handful of wolves, the center of the bus had some large cages with some beautiful furry creatures inside. These animals are part of the Mission Wolf program here in Colorado, they were taking a break before heading to the Defenders of Wildlife Carnivore Conference in Denver. I got a copy of their news letter and took a peek at their website.   http://www.missionwolf.com

It will be great day when wolves run free in Colorado, here is pic from their website.Magpie Autumn sm

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