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Looking south at the cabin

The last few weeks have been demanding.  Continued complications from the Ex-wife’s .375 BAC DUI with the kids in the car.  Had to initiate an emergency DR (domestic relations) order to get the kids for the holiday weekend.  Lots of headaches  and tons of money spent to an Attorney so far.  All of that plus try to get some real work done to cover the thousands in unexpected costs…..Jeesh

The 4th  however was spent down at the Ranch.  I had hoped to get a fair amount of work done but relaxing with Tori and the girls was just too much fun.  I did get the compost bin set up so we can empty the sawdust toilet.  I also got the metal roof up on the shed and built the door for it.

We had some rain the first few days / nights but Sunday night we got to see the Milky way in all its glory.  We played with some glow sticks to make our own “fireworks display”

Sierra backlit with the glow stick

Fireworks at Moontree

The projects that will need to wait until next time, are laying some more backer board and putting up some more of the T&G for the ceiling.  While the ladies were playing and relaxing I did get to complete some landscaping by moving a few tons of rocks…the fire ring has been beefed up and the “trail” to the cabin I edged with local boulders…some of those buggers were HEAVY.

Rocks along the trail

I also got a coat of oil on the picnic table….things were looking better just as it was time to go.  Our return drive had a delay as thousands of fellow travelers decided to return via I-70 at the same time…2 1/2 hours from the tunnel to Idaho Springs…How I long for the full time peace and solitude of Moontree Ranch.

I-70 or Parking lot

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