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No, this post is not about surfing…but our summer keeps hanging on, which is just fine with me. In some prior years I have shoveled a lot of snow by this time of the year.  I remember 18″ on Sept 18 a few years back. So temps in the 70’s and the ability to stack firewood in a t-shirt is great.

Things are starting to get back to normal, the ex’s DUI sentencing is in a few weeks and the kids are back at her place for school.  Work has picked up slightly, so the days are pretty busy.  I took the Girls out to shoot the .44 a couple weeks ago, neither one wanted to give it a try as it is pretty intimidating. After talking with my dad a bit afterward, he is going t0 bring out the .22 rifle for them to try in a couple weeks.  Less BOOM factor.  I got out yesterday for my third session with the 1851, I’m getting a little better with it.  I shot some video to try and capture the pistol muzzle flash, and a few of them came out pretty cool.

25 Grains Goex Black Powder

I pulled some stills from the video and added them into the combined video, added a classic gun tune and came up with this.

I was surprised how a single shot can totally obliterate a soda can that is filled with water, while an empty can still sit there and have a hole go clean through and not even knock it off the wood.  I know about the physics behind it, (non compressible fluids and all) but its pretty neat to see in action.  I remember from Cub Scouts 40 + years ago of a buddy of my dad shooting a 12 ga slug into a 2 quart can of tomato juice…it made such an impression I still remember it today.

When Mom and Dad Come out in a couple weeks I hope the weather holds so my dad can try out the Muzzle Loader. Dad is into his 70’s now so maybe I can finally out shoot him.


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