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Dutch oven Turkey

As many people make preparations for the pig out fest known as Thanksgiving, Tori and I got the jump on a yummy meal, and are now working on the left overs.  The girls will be here later this week and they are not huge fans of Turkey,  stuffing and other traditional fixin’s.  So to meet our cravings we cooked up a 10 pounder in the dutchy on Sunday.  I had cooked one this way a couple of years ago and it came out great…so this year we repeated our success with a touch of  Herbes de’ provence.

We started with a young turkey at about 10 1/2 pounds.  Anything much bigger than this will not easily fit into the dutchy.  This bird cost a whopping $5 at Safeway (with club card) list on it was about $13.50.  This combined with cornbread stuffing mix, and green bean casserole (also on sale at our local market) we had the majority of the meal covered for about $10, and here we are today still feeding off of this creation.

For slow roasting the bird I used the herbs as a dry rub, stuffed him in the dutchy, and set him in the oven. The first hour or so at 300 to get the dutchy up to temp, then another 4 hours at 250 ish. The dutchy seals in the moisture, and we get some nice carmelization and juice to make gravy.  The absolute beauty of slow roasting in the dutchy is,  after eating our primary meal, all we have to do is pick up the carcass and wiggle it and all the meat falls away.  The dreaded carcass meat recovery task is simplified…hello  leftovers.

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