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Yes, its been awhile.  But life is busy, and I got a wee bit injured working on the cabin.  Nothing bloody or anything like that but…pain inducing none the less. After getting a good deal of the siding up, and even part of it painted with the first coat.  The grouting of the floor tile kicked my ass…well more specifically the moving of the cabinets with the granite slab on top kicked my back, which flared up my Sciatic.  Work commitments back here at home has not allowed for a full recovery by lounging about for days on end, as is the recommended recovery route.

Hardi plank Cement board siding

The siding install went well with the girls help by holding up one end when I was working with the longer pieces.  One of the challenges was not having all of the trim pieces, When I ordered up this round of siding Boulder Lumber only had 4 of the 12 delivered which was just a oversight. Doing the siding on the front of the cabin had me using short spacer pieces.  I hope to get the front trim pieces up when I’m back down for the 4th.

Waiting for more trim

Along the painting route we also got the back of the woodshed painted with some more $5 mis tint.  The place is slowly coming together.

For a bit of recreation I brought down my “newish” rifle.  A couple of months ago I picked up a Uberti 1873 lever action rifle in 45 Colt.  This was the second addition to my Cowboy action line up.

1873 lever action

I had the trigger lightened up from the 7 pounds or so the week before,  to about 3 1/2 pounds,  this was the first shooting with the modifications.  I offered the girls some $$$ per round if they wanted to give it a whirl, Sierra took one shot and did not like the kick, but Tasha was a regular Annie Oakley, with great on target aiming and  some decent cycling of the lever…she got better and actually shot more than me….needless to say I was very proud.

Crack shot Tasha

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