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Sunday morning I did some of my internet work from the couch.  We had the dining room door open and the weather was near perfect.  The winds began to pick up mid day, which to me said we had some weather moving in. We did get a storm through, and Tori told us she lost power for about 3 hours after we left. This weekend was the last of the girls’ summer vacation, as school starts tomorrow  (Thursday).  Having school start in August just doesn’t seem right…but that could be a whole new blog post.

We went to see Harry Potter at our local community theater on Saturday night so our camping fling was scheduled for Sunday night. This is one of the fringe benefits of being self employed, plus we knew we would miss  the crowds that regular weekends bring to the wilderness.

A couple of years ago Tasha and I did a one night camp up near James peak and the mammoth basin area.  Its cool there because it is so close to home, unlike a 6 hour haul to the cabin,  we can be on the jeep road at tree line in a bit over 30 minutes from the house…we ditch the pavement about 5 minutes from home and the road being rough makes up the extra 25.

Where we had camped before was right along a ridge top at the treeline interface.  As we left Ned on Sunday a thunderstorm had just hit town.  Setting up the tent in a windy exposed area was not high on my list so we continued through to an older homestead type site down off the ridge.  A “back-country” site with a “not too trashy fire ring” , a good tent site and trees for wind protection.  We got the tent set up and a fire started, and the girls picked a spot for the PETT  (camp potty).  I was feeling a bit like a hack as it took me three matches to get the fire going.   I blame it on wet wood and soggy kindling. We had evidence of rain there within the hour or so, and we got hit off and on during the night.

In the Morning I rekindled the fire with zero matches and got the coffee started. It was partly cloudy with some fast moving clouds zipping by above the trees.  Before the fire became active It kicked out a bit of smoke, the early morning sun and the gaps in the canopy provided a great shot.

Morning light and smoke in the trees

With this being the first “camping” of the season it was refreshing to enjoy a bit of peace outdoors.  Camping at the cabin…is easy and not really camping, with electric lights, a comfy bed etc.  I left the “cowboy coffee pot” at the cabin so the coffee water was heated in one of my basic billies.

Fresh brewed, fire brewed.

For breakfast we had sausage and hash browns.  After breaking camp I talked the girls into a little shooting…it cost me a few bucks but it was worth it, they have begun to see the benefits to cash.  Had I gone camping with sons …they might end up paying me instead.  At first Sierra was very reluctant,  but seemed to get into after a bit.  Its odd because she did great with it over spring break at the cabin.  I’m pretty sure a lot of this anti-gun attitude is being fostered by the EX.  We plinked some clay pigeons we found as well as my steel 6″ knock downs.  The interactive nature of these provide far more excitement than paper circles.

I brought both the .22 rifle with the scope and the 9 shot .22 revolver.  I am currently out of 45 long colt ammo so the 1873 lever action and the vaqueros stayed home.  I did a little with both and talk Tasha in to giving the revolver a whirl.  (She seems to take some pride in her skills and the fact that she is learning on the very same gun I started with as a child.

hitting the knock downs with ease.

Tasha packin some heat.

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I’m not much of a fan of pre-package and processed foods, but I do have cravings now and then. About 2 weeks ago while getting some Bocca patties for the girls (it is one of the few things they like) I noticed a stuffed turkey thing in the same freezer case as the Bocca’s.  It looked yummy so I picked it up. Tori and I had it on a non- kid night and it was awesome.  Its a veggie thing but you would never know…TVP has come a long long way since those “patty things” the hash slingers use to serve in the high school cafeteria.

Yummy stuffed turkey things

Yummy stuffed turkey things

I just put these in the oven after talking to Tori on Googley talk.  I picked up this package a few days ago.  These remind me of a story about my aunt making Chicken Cordon Bleu from some cooking class to impress a man…it worked.  He was impressed but it was the only thing she learned to make.  These do not have cheese in them but are just fine with out it.

We will pair this with  salads with avocado and tomatoes.  Tick -tock…11 more minutes in the oven.  Can you tell I’m Hungry?

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Washing rugs

The kids have been away with the EX on a little trip so it has just been Tori and me at the house for a week or so.  When the kids are here they are kids (two girls 12 and 11) and can trash a room pretty quick.  Tori had the brilliant idea of moving our primary TV up into the master bedroom. We ditched our satellite service back In Jan. and have not missed it.  A few DVD’s now and then or a streamed movie from Netflix via a Roku box. Her Idea…with the TV out of a “kid zone” then the living room will stay picked up, clean and neat.

The actual process.

#1 Remove some stuff off my dresser to accommodate the TV in bedroom…done
#2  Unwire home theater and components for TV ( bye-bye Bose Surround sound)…done
#3 Haul TV up stairs…done
#4 Hook up Roku and DVD player upstairs (no surround sound)…done

She says…. now that the TV is gone can we get rid of that ugly TV stand.

#5 Remove books from 1 shelf to accept relocated receiver (which means finding other space + cleaning)…done
# 6 Clear out old TV stand and move receiver to shelf….done
#7  Shelf is too narrow to hold receiver…What to do?
#8 Fabricate riser blocks from some scrap wood in shop to support receiver on top of Sub-Woofer and shelf…done
# 9 Detach outside speaker wires from receiver (too short to reach new location)…done
#10 Install receiver on shelf using new blocks…done
#11 make plans to buy more wire and rework outside speaker configuration ….On the list

She says ….Now that that Ugly TV stand is gone can you finish installing that baseboard trim?

#12 Install all the Baseboard trim in the living room…done

She says…. that this space seems empty…we should bring that furniture down from the library.

#13 Library love seat and chair brought down….done
#14 Living room chair brought upstairs….done.

She says…..we should clean that rug from the library…it had dog pee on it.
#15 power washer dragged up from storage in lower outdoor shed…done
#16 Power wash Library rug…..done.
# 17 Add other rugs from kitchen, dinning room, laundry, and one from storage. Power wash those too…..done
#17.5 Take power washer back down the hill and store in the shed….done
#18 Complete more baseboard trim in hallway to stairs…done.
#19 Scrub + clean cold air returns, they look bad next to new trim…done

Note: trim required hauling in chop saw, compressor, nail guns, other tools…then putting them all back after the trim was up.

#20 next day when rugs are dry , swap some out re-install….done

She says… with this new rug in here and the library furniture here the old couch doesn’t look right., and that end table and coffee table is not right.

#21  Commit to build new coffee table before annual parents visit in a month or so (walnut slab like a recent desk I built) …On the list.
#21 en route to pick up kids…pick out new leather couch to replace the old (futon couch I built ages ago) …. Also pick out two new end tables, call Tori to approve?….done
#22 Buy new couch and end tables…bring tables home…done
#23 For Monday completely empty out my work trailer to take to furniture store to pick up new couch….on the list

#24 place craigs list ad to get rid of old couch, coffee table and end table….on the list

What I wanted to do.

#1 add some more dirt to the retaining wall project…then have a beer….

The things we do for LOVE.

Another step forward in the grown up room

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