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Well the visit started first..they arrived late on Wednesday. On Thursday My dad and I went out for a bit of shooting. He came bearing gifts…no gifted guns on this visit but he brought 300 rounds of .45 colt ammo…what a cool dad eh?.

We started out with the .22 Double Nine on the 6″ steel…we set up a paper target off to the right for the “extra” rounds as this revolver holds 9.  After a few sessions with that dad brought out his CZ 85 ( Czechoslovakian 9mm automatic) I shot one of my buddies Beretta’s a few weeks ago so this was only my second real session with an auto.  It was a smooth straight shooting piece. ( there may an Auto in my future)  I was pretty much hitting 4 to 6 of the targets each round.

Me with the CZ holstered in my 1851 leather...not the best fit

After a bit of the CZ we pulled out his S & W  9mm auto…this was a striker fire weapon with a much heavier trigger pull.  The first few loads I was not hitting at all.  Slowing way down and concentrating on a slow steady pull had me hitting steel after about 25 rounds or so.

After plunking through about 100  9 mm’s we whipped out my Vaqueros…We traded back and forth a bit and put close to a hundred rounds down range.  Before we put the Vaqueros away I pulled out some Goex Black Powder Cartridges.  These have a bit more punch than the “cowboy” loads we had been shooting.   I was feeling a bit  “Butch and Sundance” and loaded up both for a taste of  “dual Duelist”.   This is one gun in each hand cocking with the same shooting side thumb.  I only hit one steel plate…One handed is a lot different with these bigger loads and seeing through all of that smoke does add to the challenge.  I’m really looking forward to more one hand shooting…I think I’ll start with just the right and work my way back up to dual duelist.  I’m pretty good with two hands but that single work will take a bit of practice.

In the two plate videos I can get 6 shots off in about 10 sec with 4 to 5 hits…dad was bit slower at about 18-20 sec  but with 5-6 on most runs.  Not bad for a guy who hits 75 this month. I’ll get the plate vids up later…these are uploading slow tonight.

This first plate video was some warm up work with the double 9 .22 revolver.  9 shots for 6 plates…a couple of misses and some put into the paper target off screen.

This plate video was with the Vaquero…notice how the plate get knocked a bit further back…in both of these were were shooting at 25 to 30 feet.  The plates are 6″ dia.

We finished up the day with the Winchester 1873 lever-action on the steel…but moved out to 30 yards or so instead of the 25 to 30 feet we were using for the pistols.  Here dad had a little more trouble with the Winchesters weight. After all 24″ of octagonal barrel is up over 8 pounds.

First Snow at the house...

Saturday morning we woke to some snow…the first of the season ( at the house) the divide got hit a couple of weeks ago.  Home made scones for breakfast and a nice pot roast for dinner..yum yum

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