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Cabin Trip Report

Tori and I got down to the cabin for a bit this week.  This was our long planned “spring break” trip.  Tori hinted that she did not want to spend the bulk of the trip sitting about the cabin watching me work,  so we planned for only some minor “work” to be completed.  With the weather not cooperating later in the week…she played the lets leave early card.  Since it is her birthday week, of course I complied.

On the short list was a paint upgrade for the exterior. Both of us did not like the way the “terra cotta” ( the actual name on the color chip from Ace)  turned out.  It was too pale and reminded us of the ugly boring beige that is common in many communities.  We nick named it HOA beige as is looks a lot like the color in the ex’s and girls neighborhood…sorry that whole themed lifestyle is not for us.

The new color is called “popcorn kernel” and is much closer to what we had in mind.  My target was to mimic the colors of the buildings located in the Taos Pueblo somewhat.

Taos Pueblo Colors

The color of our “dirt” at the cabin is very close to this, and we used an actual dirt sample to select the grout for the tile last year.  We are pretty close with the new look.

We headed down on Tuesday under warm sunny skies and Wednesday we got the siding on the south and west sides painted. Two coats in just a few hours, if more of the cabin was sided we could have easily done some more.  The beauty of building small is it is much quicker to paint.

New "pueblo" like color covering the HOA beige

Thursday we made a trip into Taos to get some new trim paint as well.  The existing blue was a Benjamin Moore color called “surf blue” that Tasha picked out last spring…the new blue color is also a BM color but “Caribbean blue” , just a touch less green.

Second Coat of "Popcorn Kernel"

Thursday found our weather a bit cooler and quite a bit windy, not so great for painting.  On the “work” list was grouting the black granite and border behind the wood stove.

New grout and cedar trim around stove tile

We had some rain late on Wednesday too,  a little thunder and a rainbow.  The Thunder was the first for the season for me, today( sat)  back home we had just a bit as well ..but today’s occurred during a snow shower..not rain.

Rainbow at Moontree Ranch

About an hour after our Rainbow the weather had cleared (in prep for Thursdays winds) and we had a decent evening.

an Hour after the rainbow

Friday morning I tried out the new blue trim color…we both like it a lot better. I got the first coat on the south side trim and will get the second coat and west window on the next trip.  Facia and soffit painting are on that list too.

Me working ( shot with Toris iphone)

Thursday we also had a canine visitor, who ended up spending the night.  It turns out he was a lost dog reported MIA by his family (5 days earlier)  We found this out after we dropped him off at the shelter in Taos on our way home. They called while we were driving back and left a message on our home machine.  So in addition to having some peaceful time at the ranch we saved a dogs life.  Poor guy was half starved and THIRSTY.

We named him “buddy” but his real name was “Worcester”  perhaps his family was originally from MA.

The cabin another baby step closer…

As we left..Friday.

Tori and I discussed the “next ” steps.  She is gung ho on a separate “biffy house” for the sawduster ( our composting toilet) not that it is stinky or anything but currently it lives in the “wood shed” and that building was hastily built from scraps and is not chipmunk -proof.  We have a good mess of squirrel / munk poo in there.  We decided it would be simplest and easiest to “add” a room to the side of the wood shed that can be a nicely finished with windows, tile mirror etc…those things that Tori and the girls will greatly appreciate.  Tori is also gung ho on the “bigger / better” deck…for starts 10′ wide along the entire south or front of the cabin.  I’m eager to get the east and North walls sided / painted and complete the “exterior” while the weather is summer…I can continue with more inside trim as the fall approaches.

Just more time and money eh? …I hope to get back down for a  “real” work season around memorial day or some time in June…with or with out the Woman folk…without I can get a lot done…after all I completed the bulk of the dry in in only a week or so.

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