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When I pulled down the tree last week, I had the great Idea to use the blue LED lights as a sort of night light.  During the holidays the light from the tree in the library would stream into the bedroom and it gave off a friendly blue glow.  When you would look at the tree there were a few lights that would line up directly with your sight and be fairly bright, I did not want to have that brightness again so I came up with a solution.   I remember seeing some trucks tricked out with LED rope lights in the undercarriage and it gave me the idea to put them under the bed.  They do not shine is your eyes yet provide ample light so you do not step on the dog in the middle of the night on a trip to the can.

Yes, the picture looks a bit like space aliens have arrived under the bed, and are about to devour our souls, but this is a timed exposure photo of about 20 seconds or so, so it looks brighter than it really is.   At night the light is quite subtle, here the warm pink light is the glow from the bathroom door being ajar.  The steps next to the bed allow Cracky, our short legged wiener dog, to come up for a visit.

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