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I’m kicking back on the couch after another fine Turkey diner.  Today’s was mine cooked in the dutch oven.  It has become our household favorite.  Yesterday we had a Turkey diner down at my brother’s in Denver.  His was more traditional with stuffing inside etc. At 19 pounds his beat mine by a bit.  My dutch oven is pretty big but a bird that big is just not going to fit.  I had a little trouble getting my 12 pounder inside.  Tori and I were the only ones eating it today, even though the girls are here…for some odd ball reason they have yet to fall in love with slow roasted turkeys.  Tori and I went super simple on the secondary fixin’s with some basic cornbread stove top stuffing.  I was able to prep the bird in about 5 min…slow roasted it all day and then about another 15 minute for cranberries with honey and the stuffing.  With it being that simple we may have to do this more often.

The bird came out looking just like last time as seen in this post.

I’ve spent the last few days tweaking the Bookcases I completed a couple of weeks ago.  It seems that the powder post beetles have been awakened by the warm temps in my clients home.  They never really came to life when I was working in the shop since it is so cold down there.  I think I have got the problem squared away with some borate treatments and some additional sealing with some CA.  I’ve got just a little touch up finishing to do.

Russian Olive Bookcase


Tori and I will be heading down to the cabin for the actual Thanksgiving break.  Life at the cabin will be thankful indeed.  I’ve got another dozen pieces of Blue Stain T&G and hope to get some tyvek up on the back of the cabin.  The front is looking pretty good since my painting over the 4th.  Has it really been that long?


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Well its been another busy week.  I finished up a floor refinishing project for a client and posted some of the pics to my flickr account.  They can be viewed at the lower right margin.

Painting done!

Back to the cabin…With the wood shed painted…next on the list was to re-organize the shed a bit.  Our composting sawdust toilet has been used in the shed for the last few visits.  Part of the reason for this in not due to smell but the “privacy”, when Tori and I are there by ourselves we don’t mind each others use, but when 2 young girls are involved it’s a different story.  The closet type space inside, where we used it in the frigid winter, used to have a blanket around it, but now that part has been partially sided and that space being used for some out-of-the-way storage.  The Sawduster saw a move to the shed back when we were there last summer.  The toilet in the wood shed was sitting in front of some fire wood and was very close to the door…and for use… the door pretty much-needed to be open…which is not a problem since the view is five-star and the next nearest neighbor in that direction is at least 3-4 miles away.  The step up…was the problem even for me with my 6′ height, the girls really had an issue and I rigged a bit of step for them.  The better solution  was to clear out some lumber scraps and do a bit of firewood re-stacking.  This allowed the toilet to set a couple of feet further back into the shed and made its use a whole lot easier…and if the wind was blowing and you wanted to keep your tushie a little warmer…you could pull the door shut.

I had promised the girls a trip to the hot springs, down by the river for a bit more work around the place…this deal also involved more dining out in Taos.  The plan for the morning was swapping out the abused tar paper and upgrade with Tyvek.  With the girls help pulling nails and such we knocked in out in no time.  Sierra and I then rebuilt the steps to the deck…I still need to get one more piece of material for the bottom step, but it is a big improvement over the old stack of scraps.

West wall Tyvek up...new window flashing too

New stairs

Working in a remote area…with the nearest hardware store 35 miles away…and about an hours drive. I have come to realize Why and how certain things get built the way they do.  Your 80 or 90% complete and realize your missing something or do not have enough material…what do you do?  Stop and leave it not finished, or make some “design” or materials substitutions.  I noticed this last year when putting up some of the “soffit” on the shed…I had run out of 1 x and ending up ripping some ply scraps….to close it up.  The deck and our stairs were built from some left over materials from a clients project back in Colorado…so these were “free”.  Eventually these will be upgraded but for now they get the job done.

The hike down to the hot springs was nice, the weather was into the upper 60 or maybe even into the low 70’s…the water at in the hot springs was about 96…warm enough to feel great but not too hot either. We hit the geocache nearby that was MIA last time I was down there.  Dinner in Taos was Italian…spaghetti for gilrs…pizza for me.

Soaking at Manby

We finished up the day with some relaxing at the cabin….With all of the siding up…all of the Tyvek, up…rewiring and insulation completed…It was finally starting to feel like a Vacation…To bad we had to leave the next day.   The last trip report will  relate to our adventures on the drive back home.

South Tyvek up...ready to relax

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