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Last week after picking up our Christmas house guests, we swung by the Denver Botanic Gardens for the light show.  Tori and I had stopped there a couple of years ago.  At that time there was a very large tree that was completely covered in small blue lights, and to us it gained tremendous favor as ” The Blue Tree” and we have fashioned our personal indoor Christmas trees in its style.  Last year we upcycled the blue LED lights on our tree for under the bed,  That can be seen at this post.

Those lights are still in service as a “nightlight”.

This year the great blue tree was decked out in green and red…impressive but not to the level of the original.


The Great Blue Tree is now Red and Green

Denver Botanic Gardens

Japanese Gardens with the Creek in the foreground

The Big Pool

Main Walkway near the Entrance

All of these shots were done with my Nikon D90 and a basic tripod, this year it was WAY warmer than the original “Blue Tree” year…but still cold enough for the ponds to have a bit of ice in them.



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