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The magic of Wifi




Its been about a month now since we canceled the Satellite TV service.  We were infrequent users and the $62 a month was a bit of a waste.  In its place we have a Roku box.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with a Roku box, it is a smallish device that allows you to stream internet content directly to your TV…Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Video, etc.  The box we got was the middle of the road unit and cost  about $80. So now instead of having to hook up the laptop or netbook to the TV, this little box is hooked up full time. It is pretty easy to use and even came with a little remote.  Tori signed up for Hulu plus at about 8 bucks a month (To watch her Desperate Housewives, and Grey’s anatomy) our Netflix account was being used in parallel with the Satelite service so that redundancy is now gone. The image quality is a bit lower, but plenty acceptable.  We still get DVD’s  from Netflix so we mix it up a bit.  Its nice to be able to stream what we want, when we want.  The only show that we watched that is not on Hulu,  is Survivor…but this is available streaming from CBS..and with less commercials…we just watch it the next day or when we feel like it.

In addition to the cost savings, It is part of the master plan to wean the girls off more TV.  They will still get plenty at their mom’s…As every time I have gone there to pick them up there is at least 1 TV on and often 2… in two adjoining rooms no less…..I just don’t get it…

Don’t get the wrong Idea…I still enjoy watching stuff on the screen…and love a good Western in rich DVD quality and surround sound with our Bose home theater.  After a long hard day an ice cold brew and a John Wayne classic can put the day’s efforts behind …It was just the mindless worthless crap that occupied 95% of the airwaves, annoying news broadcasts hawking “Shock Value” bullshit…and endless streams of commercials….Enough was enough.  If I’m interested in news…I can look it up online (I ditched the newspaper many years ago) For weather information I can go online…or simply look out the window!

When Tori first got into watching the Vampire dairies she downloaded them to the laptop…each episode was about 40 to 42  minutes long…When broadcast it filled an hour time slot…meaning 20 minutes of commercials…for 40 minutes programming…or 50%.

So many people are immune to the endless brainwashing, or addicted to a constant chatter that fills their empty lives.


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