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It’s not me…it’s Maybelle.  Yesterday she caught (and ate) a snack.  We have always wondered why she is not so hungry on some days…now we know why.

Can you say Snack?

Some months ago Tori and I watched Temple Grandin  and recently I’ve been listening to one of her books called “Animals make us Human”  in it she talks about the origin of domestic dogs and their base in “wolf” stock.  It’s neat to see Miss Maybelle natural instincts being exercised.  Getting an organic free range snack is bonus.  She routinely plays with some of the neighbor dogs and has a very active “seeking” component for a healthy lifestyle.

The Wildness in action

Before our snow came a few months ago Miss Maybelle had one of her famous “wild animal barks”  She was a bit excited and was eagerly looking out the dinning room window.  I took a look outside and did not see anything.  She then followed me to the front door and I let her out.  Just as I finished up opening the door I caught a glimpse of movement out beyond our propane tank.   Well camouflaged against the tawny grasses was a Coyote…Maybelle sprinted out the door and gave a vigorous pursuit.  Ol’ coyote took off running at a full sprint, She chased him out of the yard across the road and up the side of the mountain.  A few minutes later Maybelle came trotting down our drive with a big  grin.  My fears that Coyotes would threaten her or the other dogs faded into the back of my mind.

This last shot is one Tori got with her new Iphone.

Iphone action

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