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Now that we had relocated to a campsite that was not crawling with caterpillars, we were able to start enjoying the park.  On other trips to great locations I often did not have the time to really explore an area…this trip was to be an exception and an adventure.  Tori had never done any hiking in true slot canyons and Zion would provide her first experience.  Unlike the trips with “the guys” this was to be a casual hike in a slot canyon rather than the more hardcore canyoneering that I have done with the guys.  No 150 foot free rappels into potholes waist deep with freezing water.

We started our Zion hiking with a little jaunt to the canyon overlook just east of the Carmel Tunnel.  The park service did a fine job of adding just a few amenities to make the less experienced hikers feel safe on some of the dicey sections.  The “catwalk”  here was one of them.

The Catwalk on the overlook trail

The view at the end of this trail was awesome.  After this warm  up hike we hit a small slot canyon on the other side of the road, we went in far enough to get a good feel for it….and our feet wet…but not to the extreme. Tori was hooked.

Tori in the slot

The next few days we hiked some of the more common hikes in the park.  Angels Landing was one of my favorites for the great views from the top, we also checked out the emerald pools, which in reality were more like caramel pools.  The spotted vegetation set against the sandstone is a look that will always remind me of this trip.

Falls at lower emerald pools

We had some visits from the wild turkeys that inhabit the park, and I got to do some great time lapse work.  This turkey’s call was a sound that I have not heard in the wild for some time.

local wildlife

This time-lapse shot was about 30 minutes long, I also did many still sets and compiled them into a video.  You can check that out on my You Tube page here

Time-lapse at Zion

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