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trade for housing?

During my drive to go pick up the girls today, I was listening to NPR…not that uncommon but it has been a little while since I listened regularly.   Today my Ipod battery was a bit low so I picked up some news updates…aside from the typical BS about Cain, Newt and the band of “good ol boys” there was a story about canceling some second type of engine for the air force F35 fighter plane.  They pegged the per plane cost at about 135 million….this got me thinking about the post I put on Facebook the other day about students building and selling Tumbleweed houses in Missouri.

A tumbleweed house is a “basic” housing unit that could in ideal situations house two people….with a tumbleweed home costing about 25,000 (Which is a bit on the high side for the amount of space you get).     1 plane = 5400 tumbleweeds,  if these homes were built on basic block foundations instead of multi thousand dollar trailers to get around BS building codes…then that number could be as high as 6750.

Trading in just one fighter jet could in practice house over 10,000 people… the governments plan to buy 2443  planes then equals some pretty good-sized towns, or whole states of towns.   Think most of California.

2443 planes  = 16,490,250 Tumbleweed houses at 20 k ea.  or roughly housing for 32 million from just this one type of aircraft.  My small cabin at twice the size of a Tumbleweed sleeps 4, not super huge but doable.   Homelessness in the US would be eradicated by this single event.

All of the other planes, helicopters, guns, bombers etc would still be available to bomb and kill our fellow earthlings.

Not to mention the all of the jobs to build so many homes.  Just some food for thought.


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