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Mini Ex on the left and skid steer on the right

Last week I got the chance to play with a “mini-ex”.  One of my clients and good friend was doing some landscaping in the back yard of  his new home.  I have been doing some remodel work there for about a week, engineered flooring, doors + trim, kitchen plumbing, electric, cabinets etc.

He had about 60 yards of dirt brought in and was building up some berms to reduce some traffic noise.  A buddy of his and him had completed most of the work over the weekend, I came in and dug a few holes for planting some trees.  This was my first experience running a back hoe type device and it was total hoot.   After about 20 minutes I was getting a handle on the double “joysticks” that control the bucket. The soil here was very dense and packed, so it was hard to dig in.  I dug some fence post holes in this general area last year and it totally sucked…about 1 hour per 1 foot deep hole.

The Mini Ex was a little under powered for busting up this hard stuff but did pretty good on some softer soil nearby.  I’m thinking when the time comes to get a tractor/ loader for the ranch it will definitely get a back-hoe attachment.

some of my holes


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