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Produce 101

Check out Challenge #1

I ran a few errands today in preparation for my truck heading into the shop tomorrow.  On the list was a visit to the supermarket to pick up  few days worth of vittles.  As I got to the check out I noticed a new guy keying up people’s purchases.  This kid seemed to be High school age or early 20’s, (it’s getting harder for me to tell…it been such a while since I was that age).  The laser scanner was working fine and everything was going fine until he got to the end of my small cart.  He managed the white onion OK…and looked up the code…The more experienced checkers know the routine codes by heart so I cut him some slack. But when He asked me what are those…I had a second take…”what” I said…” Uh that’s garlic”…

How can a kid survive that far into life and not recognize this most basic item?  Is this the end of society ..or just one of the countless masses who live off of Happy Meals and frozen pizza.  It’s not like I had an odd ball collection of exotic Asian produce…Bok Choy, Leeks, or even scallions or fennel…Tomatillo or artichokes or maybe even a pomegranate.

My garlic was destined for the homemade spaghetti sauce.  This round included Italian sausage with Merlot, Asiago cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, adding a bit if kick is some Chorizo Sausage, plus Onions, and Mushrooms and of course the fresh garlic.  This will be served over ziti….I’m getting hungry writing about it…time to go check the sauce.

Italian Sausage with Merlot, Asiago cheese and Sun-dried Tomato

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