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Its raining…again or should I say still?

These last few weeks have been very wet, its been great to quench this summer’s fire season concerns, but I think we can get back to our normal routine.  As I am writing this there is roll after roll of thunder, I enjoy thunder, but it is the rain that is cutting into the home projects.

Saturday...and a good start

Saturday morning things were looking hopeful as we woke to clear blue skies.  My deck has been asking for a coat of oil since the spring temps came up.  It has been two seasons, so I was fully prepared, I labored for about 2 hours and got about 1/3 of the larger area completed.  Tori and I grabbed a buffet at Katmandu and by the time we returned the sky was dark grey and threatening rain.  I switched hats and started work on the retaining wall dig before heading down to get the girls.

After first rain storm of the day

Tori called while I was getting the girls and said a couple more storms rolled through.  Sunday morning the deck was still wet so I started with more work on the retaining wall.  I got the better part of 6 of my timbers cut and installed before I ran out of my 8″ timber lock screws. Later in the afternoon the weather turned nasty again and came down cold and mean with some serious hail…by the time the deluge was over we had about an inch of hail on the deck and the rain gauge was showing a bit over 1 1/2″

A lot of hail

Today (Tuesday) I picked up four more timbers and another box of screws, and will continue with the wall build.

Its now Wednesday morning…the storm yesterday took out the power for a bit and with the continual dance of lightning bolts about the house I took the safe route and shut down the electronics.  I counted a few dozen strikes looking out the living room windows, with about 1/2 of them within a 1/2 mile .  Lets just say it was some excitement.

Wall start

More wall

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