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On Wednesday I filled up both propane bottles for the shop heaters before heading down the hill.  During the curvy drive into Boulder, one  of the bottles had a “too close” encounter with the driver side fixed window in the back of the truck.  I noticed the bottles moving as they often due…but I did not hear the CRASH of broken glass.  After getting my errands out of the way, I swung by Slade glass to set about getting a piece of Plexi for a replacement, I have dealt with these guys before and have been happy with their work. On Wednesday however they seemed too busy to cut a piece for me while I waited.  Then after awhile of this and that, they said that they did not have it in stock.  I stopped by McGuckins and had a piece cut..I decided to try a thicker 1/4″  piece of plexi…The original window was 1/8″ tinted safety glass…now in 10 million pieces…It took about 2 minutes for the guy to cut it and hand it over…$12.37….Slade glass was quoting $28 for tinted 1/8″…I dont think tinting adds THAT much.

Thursday I spent a few hours getting it cut and shaped only to find that the thicker piece is less than ideal, the frame that holds the window in holds the whole window in …the glass was held in by a bit of caulk and a shaped gasket.  So I rigged what I had and will need to get a thin piece of plexi next.


1/4" plexi in place for now


After getting this 1/4″ piece in place…workable but not perfect I tried to track down an OEM piece…first issue …that my truck capper “raven”  which is/ was made by glasstite does not have any Web presence worth a shit…I finally called Suburban Toppers in Denver…as this the outfit that Wendy and I used to buy the capper on the original Tacoma 17 ish years ago. I got my blue capper from a place in Longmont that is not in business anymore when I got my truck 13 years ago…  The nice guy at Suburban looked it up, and quoted me $250 for the complete window assembly…seemed reasonable…then he said shipping would be $160…WTF.

So with this new insight…my Maxgyver fix plexi seems to be the best option…I jut need to pick up a thinner piece and some clear caulk…I used a dab of white as that is what I had on hand Thursday.

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