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Minor Flesh wound


I have been working over a clients home doing a wide array of projects the last couple of weeks (Painting, floor re-finish, trim etc) Once she picks out the new tile color I’ll install that along with some radiant floor heating in her bathroom.  While cleaning out a paintbrush the other day I was informed the the small pedestal sink in the bath was not draining properly. She told me it had been problematic since before christmas…Being the well rounded handy man I thought it might be a simple hairball in the P-trap but after checking that out it, was determined that the problem was further back.  Fast forward a bit….the hairball was found but about 12 feet down stream in the weirdo bends of the ancient galvanized steel piping in the crawl space.  A few attempts at snaking the line from the bath  had my snake going up and out the vent stack. Yes this was visually confirmed.  Attempts at opening the rusty clean out in the crawl space resulted in the bloodshed.  I was tapping the end of the big pipe wrench with a 3 pound sledge hammer and pinched a small piece of skin…It only bleed for a little while and is now nicely cleaned up and re-bandaged.  Eventual rain succes was had by snaking down from the roof vent.

That was the morning’s success, the afternoon success came with diagnosing and correcting a bit of standing water in the bottom of a fancy Fisher Paykel drawer style dishwasher. Maxgyver to the rescue again…. with an in home pump declog / rebuild.  Dishwasher performing back at factory specifications.  After testing the pump out a few times, a full short cycle was performed, while this was running I took advantage of the tropical Boulder weather (43 F)  and replaced the burnt out license plate lights on my truck…Success #3

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