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The car wreck was on Tuesday…and you can see it was nice!  Wednesday I was working outside with just a t-shirt, Thursday am we had a couple inches of snow…then Thursday afternoon back to a t-shirt.  Friday am more snow…stayed cold all day.  Forecast for up to 20″…we got about 6″ or so.

Miss Maybelle the Snow Dog

This shot was from this morning.  Miss Maybelle lounging on the deck, oblivious to the sub-freezing temps.  As I am posting this it is well into the 40’s and the deck is dry and clear…I shoveled it about an hour ago and our powerful sunshine has melted away the residue.

Monday I did some organizing in shed two and made room for the snow blower, I also brought up the deck chairs from shed one.  All preparations for spring.

This time next week we start our road trip.  Cabin, Four Corners,  Monument Valley,  Grand Canyon, Zion.  We are both Sooooo looking forward to it.  The HP mini will be making the trip, so I can post a little.  The Solar laptop station will also be coming along.

Before the snow came Thursday, we had some thunderstorm activity, it was nice to hear the rumbles of the weather’s return.  At some point we lost our power and I was able to run the DSL modem off the Solar Generator…how cool is that.  Email and full web surfing in a complete area power outage.

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I finally got the mini volt meters in the other day.  They are small self-contained units that fit into the 12 volt sockets.  You can spot monitor the system or if you are only using one port you can continuously monitor the system.  The first unit is ready to go and I’m asking $350, I hope the get the more basic unit built later in the week and will list that one at $300 (without the inverter).  These will be great units for small devices like laptops cameras, etc.  One of my readers suggested I pick up a 12 v adapter (12 to 5 volt) that I can power my DSL modem with.  I can split the socket  from my laptop station ( the similar unit that I’m keeping for my use) and run both the computer and the modem.  Last year when we were without power for a while I ran an extension cord from the inverter I have in my truck to run the modem during a winter outage.  (just to check some email etc).  Doing it all from inside with my new solar system will be so much nicer.

I found a unit for sale online that is a bit like mine but, It says it has a larger solar panel, but it only has half the storage capacity and the panel will not fit inside.  I like the fact that all of my components are protected inside when not being used.  This unit has them on the outside where they can get damaged.  My system is designed to sit quietly in the corner, with the panel sitting in a window to maintain readiness.  Then, when you need i, it is fully charged, contained, portable and robust for travel.  If  you are using it as a remote power supply, for camping, road trips etc.  The peace of mind that comes from  having the controls inside is priceless.  The unit I saw lists for twice what I’m selling mine for…go figure?   Over priced unit with 1/2 the storage.

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