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I’m not much of a fan of pre-package and processed foods, but I do have cravings now and then. About 2 weeks ago while getting some Bocca patties for the girls (it is one of the few things they like) I noticed a stuffed turkey thing in the same freezer case as the Bocca’s.  It looked yummy so I picked it up. Tori and I had it on a non- kid night and it was awesome.  Its a veggie thing but you would never know…TVP has come a long long way since those “patty things” the hash slingers use to serve in the high school cafeteria.

Yummy stuffed turkey things

Yummy stuffed turkey things

I just put these in the oven after talking to Tori on Googley talk.  I picked up this package a few days ago.  These remind me of a story about my aunt making Chicken Cordon Bleu from some cooking class to impress a man…it worked.  He was impressed but it was the only thing she learned to make.  These do not have cheese in them but are just fine with out it.

We will pair this with  salads with avocado and tomatoes.  Tick -tock…11 more minutes in the oven.  Can you tell I’m Hungry?

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