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Star Trails over the Cabin

The weather at the cabin over spring break was awesome…who needs to go to Mexico, or Florida when sunshine and warmth can be had nearby?  Tori said the weather back in Ned for the week was still “winter” and Mr. W.  did come by for an extended and intense visit.  While we were at the ranch the moon was rising quite late so it was a  good time to play with some more time-lapse and time-exposure photography.

After our evening meal and a bit of hanging out / or a Vid on the portable DVD,  the girls were pretty toasted …and went up to bed…I stayed up a couple of hours later on a few of the nights and played with  the D90 some.

This time-lapse was shot right off the deck…its only 7 seconds of video…but gives a sense of the beauty of the ranch’s starry nights.

The tear off of the tar paper yielded about 6 trash bags worth or debris.  Last year we would burn a few of the smaller pieces as “fire-starter”.  Being big and bulky this trash would have cost $12-16 worth back in Ned at the transfer station, since the pricing there is based on bags, not weight.  To save some money and not haven an overflowing truck on the way home we swung by the Taos Landfill site to unload… we got weighed…. then dropped some trash…and got weighed again.  Along with the tar paper the weeks regular trash and the old steps were also tossed, total cost $1.75.  Sweet.

We road tripped up through Ft. Garland in the hope to visit the Hermit…but just missed him. ….Not to worry….we now know the way there, so it will be an easier find next time.  Since I have been back home  these last couple of weeks I also noticed that Big Bear is posting again, You can follow both of these guys by clicking on their links at my blog roll to the right. “The Hermitage” for the Hermit and “Bear Ridge Project” for Big Bear.

We grabbed a bite at the local Pizza joint All Gone…and then headed to the dunes for another promised “special treat”.

“Gee dad, you’re so awesome to take us on week-long visit to the cabin, the hot springs and the dunes…and treat us to some great dinning out,  teach us how to shoot a rifle and go on great hikes and stuff…your the best dad ever”

While the girls never actually said this in as many words…I did “feel it” with their laughs, and hugs, and as always any time spent with them is pure fun. We had an awesome time at the dunes a few years ago, and this time is was just as fun.

Mother natures "Sand Box"

It was a bit after lunch, about 2 or 3 when we got there.  The weather was still warm but the afternoon breeze was starting to pick up.  We hiked in a ways and did some dune jumping and rolling…well…at least they did.  Rolling in the sand with the D90 is not high on my list, but I did get in some jumps.

Two steps up...one step back...this is like work.

With some of the descents…we heard the “singing sands”

Above the singing sand

When hiking west the girls asked how far in we were, I said ” Cairo is just around the next dune”….their geography is still a bit weak…so they kind of missed the humor.

The girls found snow buried here.

Evening Light

As the evening chill descends, we made our way back to the truck…the girls were pretty spent…as was I, but they were not looking at another 5 hour drive to get home…maybe a few hours till dark and then nap time.  We rolled into the drive  a bit after 11pm. A long day after a great week, unloading the truck can wait til tomorrow.

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Last week after picking up our Christmas house guests, we swung by the Denver Botanic Gardens for the light show.  Tori and I had stopped there a couple of years ago.  At that time there was a very large tree that was completely covered in small blue lights, and to us it gained tremendous favor as ” The Blue Tree” and we have fashioned our personal indoor Christmas trees in its style.  Last year we upcycled the blue LED lights on our tree for under the bed,  That can be seen at this post.

Those lights are still in service as a “nightlight”.

This year the great blue tree was decked out in green and red…impressive but not to the level of the original.


The Great Blue Tree is now Red and Green

Denver Botanic Gardens

Japanese Gardens with the Creek in the foreground

The Big Pool

Main Walkway near the Entrance

All of these shots were done with my Nikon D90 and a basic tripod, this year it was WAY warmer than the original “Blue Tree” year…but still cold enough for the ponds to have a bit of ice in them.



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